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We offer our products for wholesale and retail purchases. Only the highest quality of your African food favorites when you shop at JKUB Distributors or any of its retailers.


To quench your thirst or to pair with a lovely entrée for dinner, find the perfect beverage to tie your dishes together. Our beverage products range from cocktails, juices, grenadines and so many more choices.

Vegetables & Vegetable Products

Pack your cupboards with fresh product and vegetable preserves from JKUB Distributors. Our products are harvested from the farms of our trusted suppliers. If you’re looking for the best ingredients to assemble your dishes with, you will definitely find just what you need from our organic vegetable product line.


JKUB Distributors offers oils for cooking, marinades and to dress your salads. Choose from our refined palm oils, kernel oils, butters and other shortenings to use for cooking or baking.

Spices and Condiments

Bring the aromatic African cuisine into your dining table. Flavor your dishes with spices from the homeland. We also offer a wide range of condiments to make sauces, dips and to garnish your dishes.

Meats and Fish

We offer only select proteins from land and sea. JKUB Distributors is your source for quality beef, pork, chicken, fish and sea foods.

Tubers, Starchy Roots and Fruits

In Africa, no meal will be complete without something starchy from the earth and something sweet from the fruit garden. You will find just the tastes, ingredients and cooking components you are looking for from JKUB Distributors’ extensive product line for tubers, starchy roots and fruit preserves.


Beans and peas will truly make your dishes more special. Find the ingredients you require to make that African-themed meal or to make comfort foods that remind you of home. JKUB Distributors offers black beans, brown beans, bean flour, nut products and so much more.

Sugars and Syrups

From honey, molasses to sweet syrups, you will discover a wide selection of sweet components for making deserts or to pair with a nice loaf of bread during breakfast. JKUB Distributors has a collection of sugars, syrups and honey products you can choose from.. JKUB Distributors has a collection of sugars, syrups and honey products you can choose from.

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