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About Us

About UsJKUB Distributors is a renowned brand which specialized in the production of premium quality African food product. JKUB Distributors is minority owned business founded in 2009 by vision driven African woman who would not let the distance between Africa and America separate her from her African roots and what she held dear to her heart. Therefore she decided to introduce a variety of African food products mainly from Cameroon to the African population based in Washington DC and Langley Park. Fast forward a few years later and her ambitions allowed her to develop a well-known brand which function by the motto “the brand that brings you home”

Founded in 2009, JKUB Distributors LLC is a committed distribution company which provides naturally grown and fresh quality food products all around the United Stated. This commitment allows the forever growing African population of the united to stay rooted to their culture no matter the distance that separates them from their mother land. JKUB Distributors is always working on increasing its repertoires of over a 100 varieties of African food products to satisfy the appetite of its consumers and to keep them as close as possible to the continent of Africa.

When Ms. Ouadje arrives in the United States by herself she felt out of place and integration to a new environment is always a slow process. While visiting Washington DC one day she came across some African products being sold in an Asian owned store. She decided to purchase a large quantity of African food product that day as they help alleviate the nostalgia she felt being so far away from mother Africa. Once she got home that day her chicken was finally a familiar territory, she found joy taking over her whole body as she thought about what she would cook. No matter how difficult her week was cooking for the following week would now be something she excelled at. The smell of the food in the pot taking over the whole kitchen made her feel as if she was still in her country of origin. She knew that no matter what unfamiliar situation she could face in this new country her kitchen didn’t have to be part of the unknown or unfamiliar. At that moment she imagined that feeling in every kitchen owned by the ever growing African diaspora all over Washington DC. She decided to work hand and hand with her husband back home in Cameroon to make sure all her friends kitchens were filled with African cooking products. She started importing African food to the United States and developing a relationship with retailers in the Washington DC and Silver Spring area to distribute her product in their store. With dedication and prayers she went from using the front sit of her pick up as an office for her growing business to establishing a company which distributes African product in over 40 states in the U.S.

JKUB Distributors’s main office of operation is currently located in Washington DC and managed to have multiples Food retail store represent them by selling their products throughout the US. As the demand for African food grows JKUB Distributors is working diligently to be the premier choice of African food in the United States.

JKUB Distributors is working on increasing its consumer reach by integrated the social networks notably Facebook and Google +and also feature its large variety of products on its website online. JKUB Distributors tries to improve the customers’ experiences by sharing recipes and great African restaurant information on its website.
JKUB Distributors is working closely with its consumers from retails stores and restaurants to ensure that the quality of products they provided is evaluated at a standard of excellence by its consumers. The company values their consumer’s opinions and put a lot of effort to ensure quality and safety of their products. In order to promote the healthy lifestyle that African are accustomed JKUB Distributors strive to provide its consumer with a detailed nutrition fact for all its products available in the USDA data based. JKUB Distributors pride itself in the effort the company produces to accomplish their goal because it allows part of the African culture to be shared and enjoyed by westerners and also for each African culture to be shared amongst different African groups.

JKUB Distributors continues to work conscientiously on its goals to share the African culture with the world , to keep the African population in the united stated rooted to their mother land culture and to transform every African kitchen in the US into that familiar place where memories come alive or new ones can be create.

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